Program Overview

Participation in athletics is an integral part of the overall Kent Place School experience for our students, and our athletic teams are a source of pride for the Kent Place community. We are committed to maintaining a healthy balance between athletics, academics and extra-curricular programs providing a quality competitive program for our student athletes while encouraging students to participate in other areas of school life.
Kent Place has established 12 varsity sports, and our teams continue to achieve high levels of success and produce winning records. We have won championships at the state, county and conference levels. Our varsity athletes have earned individual honors, and each year more Kent Place athletes go on to successfully compete at the college level.
Our philosophy is to provide a competitive yet inclusive athletic program. A broad range of sports teams and competitive levels allow for both strong varsity teams and wide participation at the JV and Middle School levels. We value athletic participation and believe in the benefits afforded to girls through competition.
These life skills are developed as athletes work together toward a common goal. Girls develop greater self-confidence, learn personal responsibility, respect for self and others and learn to be successful in a competitive environment. At all team levels we teach sportsmanship and ethical behavior.

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Physical Education

Primary School

Through physical education, girls build the foundations for a healthy, active lifestyle. In the early years, games and dances incorporate spelling and math concepts or share bits of life from other cultures. Older students learn about healthy eating and lifestyle choices and build self-awareness while being introduced to a variety of sports. Through participation in all the activities offered, students learn the benefits of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Middle School

Starting in Grade 7, students can join interscholastic teams, including soccer, tennis, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, swimming, lacrosse, softball and track and field. To encourage girls to try a new sport, our teams are open to all. Grade 6 students take Physical Education classes that have included team sports, tennis and rock climbing at the local YMCA.

Upper School

Our students excel in the athletic arena. As a member of the Union County Conference, our teams face some of the area’s most competitive public, private and parochial schools. Our teams have a solid tradition of success and consistently produce winning seasons. Our participation numbers are exceptional where a typical fall season sees more than half of the student body taking part on an athletic team. Those students not on a team participate in a comprehensive Physical Education program designed to teach healthy practices and life-long fitness. We also offer an exemption program to students who engage in high-level athletic pursuits outside of school.

Athletic Hotline

(908) 273-0900 ext. 376

changes posted daily by 1:00 p.m.

Contact Information
Wendy O'Neal
Athletic Director
(908) 273-0900 ext. 228

Michelle Stevenson
US Physical Education - Dept. Chair
(908) 273-0900 ext. 236